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 City Engineer - Brian Brown
Phone: (815) 223-7041
Fax: (815) 223-9508

The City's Engineering Department is a full-service department responsible for:

  • Design, review, and support of all public works systems
  • Management of city-owned property
  • Support of economic development activities and services
  • Grant acquisition and administration
  • Review of residential and commercial developments
  • Development and maintenance of city maps and asset database

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a map of the city's corporate limits?

A listing of available maps and reports can be found in the Downloads section to the right. At this time, maps and reports are in PDF format.

Are shapefiles available?

The city is working on creating an FTP site where shapefiles can be downloaded. For those interested in shapefiles, please e-mail the City Engineer at

What is my land zoned as?

For zoning questions, please e-mail or call one of the following:
(815) 223-7014  |  815-223-6344 |  815-223-0077

Is my land located in a floodplain?

FEMA floodplain maps can be researched at