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The LaSalle Police Department is fortunate to have two K-9 units within our patrol division. These teams provides many benefits to the City of LaSalle and the LaSalle Police Department. No tax dollars were used in the creation of these units. Both K-9s, their vehicles and equipment were paid for using donations from private citizens, our business community, and proceeds from drug arrest fines and forfeitures.  Their primary responsibility is to assist in the fight against illegal drug trafficing, building and area searches, tracking, aggresion control, basic obedience and handler protection. 

Our current K-9 Units consist of:

K-9 Palu. K-9 Palu's handler is Ptl Brian Zebron, who began his career with the LaSalle Police Department in 1997. In 2000, Ptl Zebron received his first partner, K-9 Johnny, a male Belgian Malinois. Ptl Zebron and K-9 Johnny served with distinction until K-9 Johnny's retirement in 2008. Shortly thereafter, Ptl Zebron received his second parnter, K-9 Justis who served until 2014. Ptl. Zebron is now with his third partner, K-9 Palu, a German Shepard.

Due to the success of our K-9 Program, in September of 2011, our second K-9 team was created. K-9 Alistair is a male German Shepard, born in 2009 in Hungary. K-9 Alistair's handler is Sgt. Mark Manicki, who began his career with the LaSalle Police Department in 2005.

The K-9 Units have proven to be an invaluable tool in the war on drugs in our community. They have assisted in the arrest of countless suspects due to their ability to locate narcotics and have had numerous successful tracks which resulted in the arrest of the suspect and/or locating evidence. In addition to their patrol duties, both K-9 Units participate in numerous public demonstrations and school searches throughout the tri-county area. Due to their experience, unsurpassed level of dedication and extensive training, these teams are the most respected K-9 Units in the Illinois Valley and are routinely requested for assistance by agencies throughout the tri-county area and beyond.

The LaSalle Police Department would like to recognize Officers Zebron and Manicki's dedication to our K-9 program, the countless hours of training involved and many sacrifices they and their family have endured over their years of service.