Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team

As has been proven time after time, no one police agency can combat drugs in their community as well as a coordinated, multi-jurisdictional approach to this ever increasing issue in our communities.  Recognizing this proven fact, the LaSalle Police Department is committed to fighting illegal narcotics and their associated crimes in our community.  Combined with various community policing programs,  our two K-9 Units, crime free housing and nuisance abatement programs, Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance checks, Truancy, Test my Teen and P2D2 (prescription drug disposal) programs, the LaSalle Police Department has been a participating member of our local drug task force for over 25 years.    

In 2009, the now defunct Illinois State Police Zone 3 Drug Task Force was reorganized by numerous progressive law enforcement agencies in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties into the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team or Tri-DENT for short.  Tri-Dent currently consists of specially trained law enforcement officers from the LaSalle Police Department, Oglesby Police Department, Mendota Police Department, Streator Police Department, Princeton Police Department, LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department, Bureau County Sheriff’s Department and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department.

Tri-DENT is governed by a policy board which is comprised of Chiefs and Sheriffs from its member agencies.  Tri-DENT is funded by participating agencies and receives grant funding through the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority which has been provided from State and Federal government programs such as the Byrne and Justice Assistance Grants.

  Tri-DENT uses covert and overt approaches in dealing with specific issues each community faces.  Overtly, Tri-DENT personnel conduct proactive and reactive drug investigations which require rapid, visible response from law enforcement which are specifically designed to target the most visible offenders who are a nuisance and undermine the safety of our communities.  Many of these complaints and tips are generated by local neighborhood residents, local elected officials and confidential informants.

Tri-DENT also utilizes covert techniques which are responsible for longer-term, more in-depth investigations involving drugs and their related crimes, which would simply be too cumbersome by any one individual department.  The members of Tri-DENT attend continuing training and routinely work with other Local, County, State and Federal partners such as the DEA, FBI, ATF and Department of Homeland Security.

Tri-DENT strives to partner with the communities we serve in order to positively affect the quality of life in our communities.  The community is urged to report any suspicious, non- emergency activity to your local law enforcement agency or to Tri-DENT (815-883-3302).  For emergencies, please call 911.  Anonymous complaints are acceptable and can also be reported to Illinois Valley Crime Stoppers (800-340-4045). 

In addition, Tri-DENT personnel are available to church, school or community groups for drug education programs or canine demonstrations.  Please follow the link below to learn more about Tri-DENT.