When LaSalle's early immigrants and canal workers took root in this area, they brought with them many religions. For many immigrants, their religion provided a safe-haven where they could communicate with those who shared similar beliefs and traditions. Today, religion is still an important part in the lives of many of residents, and LaSalle is proud to offer several different religious communities for citizens. 

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Baptist Churches 

First Baptist Church of LaSalle  24th & Airport Rd. LaSalle, IL  815-223-1333 


Catholic Churches

St. Hyacinth's   927 Tenth Street LaSalle, IL 815-223-1459 
St. Patrick's  725 Fourth Street LaSalle, IL  815-223-0641 
Queen of the Holy Rosary  529 Fourth Street LaSalle, IL  815-223-7129 


Christian Churches 

Mighty Word Church  599 Canaan Dr. LaSalle, IL  815-224-4067

Ax Church 1055 6th St. LaSalle, IL  815-200-4814


Church of God 

Living Word Church of God  159 Gooding Street LaSalle, IL  815-223-5421


Episcopal Churches 

St. Paul's Episcopal Church   344 Joliet Street LaSalle, IL 815-220-0238


Gospel Churches 

Christ Family Foursquare Church  931 Third Street LaSalle, IL   815-224-1330
Hispanic Foursquare Church  931 Third Street LaSalle, IL  815-224-1375


Methodist Churches 

Grace United Methodist   1345 Chartres Street LaSalle, IL 815-223-1001 815-223-1001 



Temple B'Nai Moshe  428 Gooding Street LaSalle, IL  815-223-2665 


United Church of Christ 

First Congregational Church of LaSalle    502 Joliet Street LaSalle, IL 815-223-1286
Trinity United Church of Christ   829 Fourth Street LaSalle, IL  815-223-8513