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3 Announces Oil Spill Jobs

[ 6/3/2010 ]

Shamrock Environmental Corp. is looking for temporary workers to help clean up the Gulf Coast oil spill.

The environmental waste-removal company wants people who can help remove crude oil from beaches, rocks and booms. Oil has been spilling into the Gulf since April 20, when a drilling rig owned by BP exploded.

Workers may spend time in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Jobs are available immediately, according to the posting on Greensboro, N.C.,-based Shamrock’s Web site. Workers will have to go through 40 hours of hazardous waste operator training and must take a drug test.

Shamrock said it will provide transportation to the Gulf Coast, as well as housing.

The pay is $13 an hour for the first 40 hours a week and $19.50 an hour for overtime.

Shamrock said the work hours will vary but to expect “lots” of overtime.

Workers also will receive a $26 per diem each day to pay for meals, Shamrock said.


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Rebecca Daley