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City of La Salle Recreational Trails Program Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing 

Of the City of LaSalle  

Of Intent to Develop a Recreational Trails Program Area 


County Location: La Salle County 

Site Location: 2837 E. 5th Road 

N ½ of the NE ¼ of Section 10 Township 33N, R1E 


Proposed Project Description: The goal of this project is to establish a trail that links the residential neighborhood of La Salle, from either Washington Street dead-end or the eastern end of 24th Street, to Rotary Park, providing greater access for Illinois Valley residents. Currently, there is no pedestrian access to Rotary Park on the western border, but this project will address this issue by creating a nearly .5 mile trail that connects to the existing RTP grant trail at Prairie Lake (1.1mi). This will offer a safe and convenient route for residents to explore and enjoy the scenic beauty of Prairie Lake and Rotary Park. The scope of work includes vegetation clearance, trail grading, and the construction of a pathway, all with the aim of enhancing the accessibility and safety of the trail for residents. 

Name & Address of Project Sponsor: 

City of La Salle 

745 2nd Street 

La Salle, IL 61301 


Notice is hereby given that the above-indicated municipality is seeking state and/or federal grant funding from the agency listed below to develop a public, off-highway motorized vehicle recreation area/trail at the above-indicated location. Anyone having comments on this proposal may contact either the Project Sponsor or government agency listed below which will be considering the proposal for possible financial grant assistance. 



Office of Grant Management and Assistance FAX: 217/782-9599 

One Natural Resources Way email: 

Springfield, IL 62702-1271