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Municipal Information Directory

The City of La Salle is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with the following services:

  • Police protection
  • Fire protection
  • Sewer and water service
  • Garbage collection service

The City of La Salle has certain functional subdivisions which are shown in the Organizational Chart (download above). The approximate amount of the operating budget of the City of La Salle is $12,355,131.

The City’s sole office is located at 745 Second Street in La Salle, which also houses the La Salle Police Department. The City has two Wastewater Treatment Facilities located at 2839 Eagle Drive and 400 River Street. They City Water Plant is located at 234 Union Street. The Fire Department is located at 1227 Fifth Street.

The City of La Salle employs approximately 71 full-time employees and 43 part-time employees.

The members of boards, commissions, and committees of the City of La Salle are shown in the document above.

City Organizational Chart

La Salle Illinois Org Chart

The ADA Coordinator in the City of La Salle is City Engineer Brian D. Brown.  Mr. Brown is located at 745 Second Street, La Salle, Illinois  61301 and can be reached at 815.671.0256 (cell) or 815.223.7041 (office).


La Salle's Comprehensive Plan (2014) - click here to view or download.