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Building Department

It is the mission of the La Salle Building Department to safeguard the public, promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors to the City of La Salle. We assist in the construction and remodeling of properties, promote economic development by working with developers and contractors to achieve their goals while maintaining the minimum intent of the adopted building codes.


It is the mission of the La Salle Engineering Department to provide reliable public infrastructure in a professional manner, which promotes positive community development, economic growth, and safe transportation mobility, while maintaining a high quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors to our city.

Finance/Utility Billing

The mission of the Finance Department is to preserve and maintain the integrity of all financial systems, records, and functions of the City by applicable laws, ordinances, policies and procedures. This goal is achieved by optimally managing the City’s finances through its accounting, collections and purchasing activities. The City of La Salle further maintains its mission by displaying leadership, management, and stewardship to support the administrative and operational needs of the City and enhance quality service delivery to the public.

Fire Department

The mission of LaSalle Fire and Emergency Services are to protect the lives and property of all residents and visitors of the City of La Salle, Illinois. This shall be accomplished through fire prevention, public education, emergency medical services and full use of available resources in the mitigation of all disasters either natural or man-made. The members of La Salle Fire and Emergency Services are committed to providing courteous, professional, well-prepared Fire/Rescue and EMS services, made possible through the commitment and dedication of our personnel. We strive to make the City of La Salle a better and safer place to live, work and visit.

Parks & Recreation

The mission of the La Salle Parks & Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life by providing safe well-maintained parks and public places; organize park and recreation programs and services which respond to the changing needs of our community; preserve, enhance, and protect our open spaces to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations.

Police Department

The mission of the LaSalle Police Department, in cooperation with our community, is to protect life and property, and enhance the quality of life for all our citizens.

Public Works

The mission of the public works department is to provide the highest quality services to the residents of the City in a cost effective and efficient manner through the prudent use of resources technology, teamwork and coordination with other departments and service providers.

Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development is the economic and business development arm of the City of LaSalle.  The mission of the department is to advance the collective interests of the citizens of LaSalle by promoting economic opportunities and influence long-term responsible and sustainable development.

City Clerk and Deputy Clerk

It is the mission of the City Clerk's Office of La Salle to act as a courteous and efficient liaison between the general public, the Mayor, Council members and City Staff. To ensure all vital records are maintained with integrity and in a manner that meets local and state requirements while also making information easily accessible to the public.

Rotary Park's Pollinator Park

Why is pollination important to us?