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Community Camera Network

Registration Form

***Registration in the program does not give the La Salle Police Department any direct access to your surveillance equipment such as login credentials. Registration also does not oblige you to agree to share video surveillance with investigators. It is a time-saving resource to help make La Salle Police investigators aware of surveillance systems in the area.***

About the Program

The Community Camera Network is a program that invites residents and business owners who own private security cameras to voluntarily register them with the La Salle Police Department. Surveillance video offers a wealth of resources to law enforcement from visual details of how an incident occurred, to identifying and apprehending suspects.

How it Works

Register your private surveillance cameras with the La Salle Police Department by filling out our application. The form is basic and simply asks for your contact information and the type of surveillance system you own.
After registering, your home or business will be placed on a map that only the La Salle Police Department can access. Your information would only be used if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your camera. Information given to us is for official use only and remains confidential.

Why it's Helpful

In today's world, many businesses and homeowners use surveillance cameras. Hundreds of police departments across the country have crafted community camera programs to better understand how crimes occurred, identify suspects, and even apprehend suspects. When the community comes together to keep additional eyes on crime, our city becomes a less appealing place to commit those crimes.

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